Friday, 29 April 2011

ALT Publication shoot, Dungenes

ALT Publication shoot, Dungenes
styled by Blane Chapman

amazing shoot thank you to all involved it was an experience and the clothes have never been styled better thank you to Blane Chapman, amazing mate

Thursday, 10 March 2011

joseph sinclair photoshoot

Joseph Sinclair shoot

a few weeks back i teamed up with Joesph Sinclair fashion photographer for some test shots.
Joseph has worked with all the best models had his work appear in every fashion magazine and is always working with current TV and music starts from JLS, Sienna Miller, Kelly Rowland, the list goes on!
When Joseph approached me about using my designs for a shoot i was so keen to get the project going as i new the result could only be perfection!
 with the help of Pauline Briscoe Tanzi doing the hair and make up the final picture was starting to reveal itslef!

for more of Joseph sinclair go to

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word: Thomas Codd London

Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word: Thomas Codd London: "We blogged about the potential of Thomas Codd in April last year. Now, this potential is being realised. His iconic collection gains inspi..."

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Chav in skinny jeans blog feature!

Chav in skinny jeans
blog feature

my mate blane chapman, the chav in skinny jeans has done a blog feature on me and the brand please follow the link

cheers mate

Friday, 25 February 2011

BROKEN STONES look book spr/sum shot by adam FUSSEL

This monday in blistering cold and spitting rain! Thomas Codd London had an all Enfield affair plus an important Bristol on too and had its spring summer 11 look book shoot, the photographer used was Adam Fussel a friend from growing up in the area and having the odd pint with and our career paths have lead us to this shoot, why not collaborate with old mates keep it in the area the rise of the brand and help each other on the way up sort of thing?? models being Lee Waite good mate whose shot for me before whose modelin gcareer is really taken of since his shots for ASOS he did for me he done anumber of catwalk shows and editorial shoots! 'the next big face' a star from Enfield and a big thanx to Paul Gandy the journeyman from Bristol who i had got to know through friend and photographer Joseph Sinclair, Paul has a great look who i will be for sure using again, both lads complimented each other so well and the shots of them have to be my best yet!
 thank you to all the guys, great work

special thank you to Adam Fussel, love it mate

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Thomas Codd London UP-CLOSE, FIDGIT BOX

 Last summer i was asked to film with the Fidgit gang to talk about my brand, 'Thomas Codd London'
at this point i was promoting my brand on facebook and getting stock ready for Behave boutique in Shoreditch. the video was a great way of making people aware of the brand ethos and its development from a graduate collection to its route onto the Behave boutique rails.

The second recording shot more recently was a more in depth look at myself and the brand, slightly more darker and direct look at the honesty and grit that goes into everyday and night of the running of the brand
please check the fidgit box out at

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spring Summer collection 'broken stones'

broken stones

the new spring summer collection is now ready and online to buy from ASOS marketplace and
here are a few images below of the new designs